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Estate Planning You Can Trust

The Asset Angel® service provides an easily accessed Estate Planning Solution, allowing couples (Married - Civil Partnerships and Unmarried) to avoid losing their own individual Nil Rate Band, whilst avoiding paying too much Inheritance Tax and also protecting their families from Disinheritance and protecting the family home from loss due to Long Term Care Fees.

Pre Budget Report (9 Oct 2007) We would be pleased to explain the practicalities of the apparent benefit for most couples (worth over the Nil Rate Band) and why it may not be so attractive in the detail.

  • Many couples Estates could be at greater risk as a result of the Budget Report changes.
  • Many couples families may not benefit at all

Budget announcements 2015. Additional Transferable NRB for parents to pass the family home down to their children and grandchildren. To be introduced where at least one parent passes away after 06 April 2017, transferable to partner if not used on first death, increasing up to an additional £350K for couples.  More detail to be announced.  Take CARE Inheritance Tax is not the only threat to passing on the value of your home, contact The Law Partnership to understand what else you can do.




The Asset Angel service is brought to you by The Law Partnership Ltd.

The Law Partnership is a wholly owned subsidiary of MoneyMarketplace Ltd and provides Asset Protection and other Legal Services under the Asset Angel brand using its in-house team, and in association with other carefully selected solicitor firms

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